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Mediation As An Alternative To Litigation

Many people associate lawyers only with courtrooms and lawsuits ending in trials before a jury of their peers. However, the system offers other alternative means of resolving disputes that are more efficient, private and cost-effective for parties that can agree to a more informal set of rules. That is what mediation offers to clients who chose it. It is a way to avoid the long timelines for litigation by having a private mediator resolve the issue between you and your other parties through collaborative process that seeks to build a consensus rather than impose one.

At Jeffrey W. Buckman, Attorney at Law, Jeff serves as both a participant in mediation for his clients as well as an impartial mediator for other attorneys to help their clients resolve their cases. He uses his knowledge and experience from his time practicing in Michigan as a personal injury litigator to provide his clients with the optimal opportunity to resolve their cases out of court with minimal stress and cost.

Why Choose Mediation?

It is a fair question to wonder why you would want to chose mediation over litigation, however there are a great many benefits that can be gained by opting for mediation. In some cases, you may have a contract or other stipulation that requires you to engage in mediation before resorting to litigation. This is often done in the hopes that litigation can be avoided, because of the inherently recognized benefits of mediation. The many benefits of mediation include:

  • Faster dispute resolution – By opting for mediation, your dispute can potentially be resolved in months rather than the years that litigation might take.
  • Greater privacy – Most court proceedings are publicly available, and the information that you submit will be accessible by any who wish to view it. Mediation is a way to keep your information private and out of public view.
  • Increased control – Parties to mediation can have much greater control over the final resolution of their issue because they must come to a mutual agreement over the solution.
  • Little risk – Even if the mediation is unsuccessful, it does not negatively impact any parties ability to continue to pursue litigation as a means of resolving their dispute.
  • Reduced costs – Mediation generally costs significantly less than traditional mediation because you are not paying court costs and the legal fees will be much less because, as stated above, the process is normally faster and therefore requires less time for your lawyers to work on it.

Based on all of these factors, you can see that there are several key benefits to attempting mediation before you file a law suit. Jeff can help you, whether you are looking to hire him as your attorney or your mediator.

Speak With Jeff For Your Mediation Questions

If you are looking to explore mediation as a potential solution to your current issue, why not give Jeff a call? He has the skills, knowledge and experience to help you resolve your case through an amicable process. Call his office at 616-394-4276 or send him a brief message online with a description of your case.