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A serious car accident can have life-altering consequences in only a matter of seconds. You may no longer be able to work and face mounting medical bills and other financial strains as you are left dealing with the fallout of this incident that was entirely outside of your control. You do not have to go through this experience alone though. With Jeffrey W. Buckman, Attorney at Law, you can get a personal injury attorney on your side who will help you cope with your struggles by showing you a pathway forward. Jeff is committed to personable and close working relationships with his clients, because he takes a genuine interest in their wellbeing and wants them to succeed not only in their case, but in their whole recovery. When you are working with him, you get the experience of a seasoned litigator and the personal touch of a sole practitioner, so come and speak with him today.

You Need An Experienced Accidents Lawyer On Your Side To Help You Recover

Unfortunately, there are millions of car accident injuries every year in the United States, and they can happen in an enormous variety of ways. It is easy to assume that it was just because of the other driver’s negligence, but there can be any number of factors that could also play into the situation. Jeff has been doing this for a long time, so he knows exactly what to look for when he is evaluating the evidence in order to build the optimal legal strategy to take advantage of it. These factors can include the weather conditions, the other driver’s medical history, the conditions of the road you were on, and many other things which Jeff will examine.

Another factor which will be impacted by these factors is the overall severity of your accident and injury. If both you and the other driver had little in the way of injuries, you may be able to get a quick out of court settlement, however if there are significant medical issues or even a fatality, the likelihood of protracted litigation is increased.

Jeff Knows How To Go Against The Insurance Companies

In every case, it is always the goal of the insurance companies to pay the least amount possible for the injuries that you have suffered. Jeff has been on the other side and knows how to effectively communicate with the insurance’s counsel to get them to the negotiating table. He will zealously argue for an agreeable settlement if one is possible, and if not he is always prepared to take the case to trial.

Come And Speak With Jeff About Your Accident

If you are looking for help with your accident, then you can come and meet with Jeff to get a free case evaluation during your first meeting with him. You can call him at 616-394-4276, or you can send him a message online with a short description of your situation.