You’ve Been Injured. Now What?

The events and decisions you make after you’ve been hurt are going to be stressful and life-defining. You deserve to work with someone who will see you through to the other side of your injury claim without making you feel like just another case.

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You’re More Than Just A Case

You do a web search, and you quickly discover that there is no shortage of personal injury attorneys willing to talk to you about your case, promising a “free consultation.” Before too long, the sharks begin to circle, and you begin to feel like fish food. It’s no longer about you; it’s about your “case.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. When you have been injured, you need to hire an attorney who understands that this may be your only opportunity to be fairly compensated for what you have been through. You’re not just a “case.” You are someone who must live with whatever results are achieved for the rest of your life. You deserve an attorney who is experienced. You deserve an attorney who has a track record of successful results for his clients. You deserve the best.

Ask around about Jeffrey W. Buckman, Attorney at Law. Past and present clients, opposing attorneys, claims adjusters, judges and community members will tell you that Jeff will work hard for you, will treat you with respect, and will fight for you with integrity, compassion, professionalism and always in your best interests.


Jeffrey W. Buckman

Ask Around About Jeff

Jeff is a senior partner in the law firm Buckman MacDonald & Brown PC in Holland, Michigan. In addition to a very successful personal injury practice, Jeff also represents many large and small businesses in federal and state litigation, as well as acquisition and transactional matters. Jeff also finds ways to serve his local communities in West Michigan. He has been a local school board trustee and a director on many of the local nonprofit boards through the years. Jeff is also very passionate about donating to local charitable or fundraising events with causes near and dear to his heart.

The ‘Free Consultation’ Thing

The truth is, personal injury cases are typically handled on what is known as a “contingent fee” basis. This means the attorney who is representing you in your case only gets paid when you do. If your attorney is successful in obtaining a recovery or settlement on your behalf, your attorney will receive a percentage of that recovery. If your attorney is unable to obtain a settlement or recovery, your attorney does not receive a fee. You can also hire your attorney on an hourly fee basis. In all circumstances, however, you are responsible for out-of-pocket expenses.

Why Jeff Is Respected By Insurance Companies

Few attorneys have worked for the opposition like Jeff has. He knows intimately how insurance companies will handle your case. He knows how their claims adjusters and their attorneys think and what strategies they will employ in defending your case. And … they know it. Jeff has enjoyed his success in beating insurance companies at their own game for many years, including many multimillion-dollar recoveries for his clients.

Why Can’t Hiring An Attorney For Your Injury Be Easy?