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Commercial Truck Accidents Require A Seasoned Attorney

Commercial vehicles are the workhorse that makes the American economy dynamic, getting our packages delivered to us on time, allowing businesses to quickly deliver services and getting customers the products they want. However, with the rising amount of commercial vehicles on the roadway there are more and more motor vehicle accidents occurring that involve large commercial vehicles. Not only can these be much more dangerous accidents, with greater risk of severe injury and death as these trucks can be several times larger than noncommercial vehicles, but they can result in a much more complicated process for you to get compensation.

At Jeffrey W. Buckman, Attorney at Law, he knows exactly what it takes to get the results that you need, because he has been on both sides of the case, starting his career defending insurance carriers in accident cases. Now, he uses his law office to help the injured parties get the fair compensation that they deserve from the insurance carriers and the truck drivers who harmed them.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents Add Additional Layers Of Complexity To Your Case

A lawsuit for a commercial truck accident is not quite the same as a regular motor vehicle accident. Typically in those cases, you and the other driver both have insurance and it is your insurance companies litigating over who pays for the damages. However, in a commercial vehicle case there are other factors that become involved. You will be suing not only the driver and the insurance company, but also the company which they work for. The insurance policies for commercial vehicles are also much larger than other cars, with limits sometimes into the millions. The drivers will also be more incentivized to participate in the lawsuit because their commercial license can be impacted if they are found to have been negligent and caused the accident.

For all of these reasons and many more, it is a much more complicated and costly endeavor to sue a commercial vehicle operator. However, with a skilled attorney who has handled these types of cases before it is not an impossible task. With Jeff, you can rest easy because he has the knowledge and experience to take on these cases, and he can help you out.

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