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Birth Injuries Can Leave Lifelong Impacts

Having a child is one of the most intense moments in any person’s life, as you finally meet your child after all of the hard work over the last nine months, the doctor’s appointments and preparing your home to welcome them. It is heartbreaking when you discover that your child has suffered an injury, either during the course of their delivery or which was the result of improper prenatal care. Maybe your doctor made a mistake while delivering your child, or maybe they prescribed you the wrong medication while you were carrying your child and it harmed your child. In either event, you can hold your doctor accountable when they have been negligent.

At Jeffrey W. Buckman, Attorney at Law, Jeff knows how painful these situations are for you and your family. He has helped many clients with these types of personal injury cases, where those most precious to them have been negligently harmed. He will help you as you go through this difficult time to get compensation so that you can help your child.

How Can I Tell What Is A Birth Injury And What Is A Birth Defect?

It is very difficult to tell whether what has happened to a baby is the result of a natural defect during the course of the pregnancy or birth, or whether it was a result of negligence on the part of your doctor. This can make it difficult to establish liability for the doctor who may have caused the injury in question. These cases will require expert witnesses to figure out the exact cause of the injury and establish the link between it and the doctor’s negligence.

In addition to the doctor at fault, the other medical professionals who assisted during the course of your delivery may have also been responsible for the harm caused to your child. Even the hospital where you delivered your child could be held liable as negligent in the hiring of those staff members who caused this injury. Jeff can help you figure out whether you have a viable case with his years of experience as a personal injury litigator. His knowledge and skills can help you determine if a birth injury lawsuit may be appropriate.

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