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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions that we receive at Jeffrey W. Buckman, Attorney at Law. If you have any more questions that are not answered here that pertain to your case, please feel free to reach out for a consultation.

Do you offer free consultations?

Most clients choose to pay their attorney a contingent fee, because they want to avoid the potential risk of ending up with a large attorney fee and no, or limited, recovery. So, yes, in a contingent fee arrangement your first (and every) consultation is “free,” but you are sharing a percentage of your settlement or recovery, as well as the risk of obtaining it, with your attorney.

What kind of expenses are handled in a personal injury case?

In a personal injury case, there are many different expenses that your attorney will pay up front for you. These costs are required for the attorney to prepare your case, such as court filing fees, office charges like copying and telephone charges. Some of these charges can be smaller, but others can quickly grow depending on your case, such as whether you need a number of depositions to be performed for witness testimony or whether expert witnesses are necessary for your case.

While these costs are handled by your attorney, they are typically deducted from whatever your share of the recovery is – if you win your case. You will not have to pay these costs up front and you will not have to pay them if your case is unsuccessful, however if you do win then your attorney is entitled to charge you for these costs from your winnings.

How will I pay for my medical bills?

When you receive your medical bills for your initial treatment and any subsequent therapy, those will be sent to you in the normal manner. If you have insurance, you will need to work with your insurance carrier to have them cover the charges. If you do not have insurance, you will need to retain copies of all of your bills, as you will need to have them paid for from your potential winnings at the end of your case.

What if I am no longer able to work?

If your injury has rendered you unable to work, then depending on your eligibility you can apply for government assistance to help you continue earning an income. Social Security Disability is available for people who have been working but are no longer able to, and Supplement Security Income is also available if you were already not working when you became injured. If your injury happened while you were working for your employer, then you may also qualify for workers’ compensation or some other employer based insurance.

What are the potential damages I can claim?

There are two main categories of damages that you can claim from your injury, economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refers to things which can be tangibly proven as direct financial harms that you suffered, such as your medical bills, lost wages and future income and other such measurable harms. Non-economic damages are those which are not subject to scientific measure, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium, loss of companionship and other types of things which the court finds are harms caused by your injury, but which there is no way to accurately measure.

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